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We communicate through objects

Since 1970

International Graphic Editions and Promotions is a creativity-focused promotional marketing agency which was established and has been based in Brussels since 1970. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and distributing unique promotional merchandise for a broad variety of clients, ranging from schools and universities to embassies, local government and the EU institutions, their international delegations and representations.

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PSI Member 4222

On more than 30 years of membership in PSI

EMAS BE-BXL-000042

Our staff is trained to be ecologically aware, and to provide you with planet-friendly alternatives that reduce both our and our clients’ environmental impact.

PSI Sustainability Awards

Category 7, Sustainable Campaign 2016

We work with more than 30 suppliers. We have selected few catalogues. They are available online. The prices may or may not be included. Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know.

barbara scioni
Barbara Scioni
Project Manager
benedicte gerard
Benedicte Gérard
Warehouse Manager
daniele mansutti
Daniele Mansutti
Project Manager
Ruta Zukaite
Ruta Zukaite
Project Manager
Claude Romal
Claude Romal
External Auditor
roy van leemput
Roy Van Leemput
Accommondation Manager
claude van leemput
Claude Van Leemput
jacques van leemput
Jacques Van Leemput